Psoriasis burning sensation


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    Június Unani system of natural medication is a proven way to treat and cure the disease on the root cause level. Psoriasis is one of the chronic skin inflammations that can be manage well by using Unani treatment.

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    What is Psoriasis? It evolves as a rash or red scaly patch and usually affects on the knees, scalp or elbow with an itchy, sting and burning sensation.

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    Such rashes should not be taken lightly since these can be linked with depression, diabetes or any heart-related ailment. These may impair the quality of drága gyógyszer pikkelysömörhöz including mental and physical functions. Causes of Psoriasis: There is no any exact known cause of psoriasis, but heredity plays an important part, apart from this, consuming excess alcohol and unhealthy food, cuts, bruises, smoking, certain allergens pollens, dust, etc.

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    The disease is also linked with natural and psychological barriers such as stress and depression, hence sometimes may interfere with psoriasis burning sensation to day life. In Unani treatment, rashes are treated by applying topical herbal marham ointment over them for the specific time along with some oral medications to consume, which are wholly made of natural ingredients, and the patient is advised to avoid sour or sweet things and food.

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    Thus, a comprehensive treatment plan is followed to restore the changed humors, to treat psoriasis thoroughly.