1. Shampooing too much, or not enough

White scalp on head

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Pinterest iStock We can blame genetics for many things - a receding hairline, a crooked nose, crippling anxiety - but dandruff is not one of them. So what causes dandruff? The truth is that you do.

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Those flaky, embarrassing white flecks are caused by your grooming habits, not some predisposed genetic order sorry, you can't blame mom and dad for this particular problem. Which is actually good news, because it means dandruff is entirely preventable and treatable.

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Here are a few habits you should avoid, if you want to keep your scalp balzsam pikkelysömör kezelése hair follicles healthy.

Shampooing too much, or not enough Shampoo should not be used daily. A simple rinse will remove most of these things, and the excess buildup should be washed away with shampoo every second or third day. Otherwise, you dry out the hair and the scalp by stripping away the oils that keep everything nourished and strong. At this point, white scalp on head skin flakes and your hair wilts.

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No good. Also not good. Not using conditioner A proactive shampoo, used twice a week, is one ongoing way to prevent and treat dandruff find one with selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione.

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One other solution is to condition your hair daily, regardless of how often you shampoo - and always after you shampoo. Conditioner adds vitamins and nutrients back to the hair and scalp, and prevents over-drying.

A pikkelysömör gyógyszeres kezelése. A psoriasisos bőrterületen olyan szalicilsav-tartalmú kenőcsöket alkalmaznak, melyek leoldják a feleslegben képződött ijudine. Pikkelysömör A pikkelysömör psoriasis leginkább a bőrt, de a körmöket is érinthető betegség, valamint az ízületeket is megtámadhatja. A betegek bőrén hosszú ideig megmaradó, kissé kiemelkedő, körülírt vörös foltok jelennek meg, amelyek szürkés- vagy ezüstfehér pikkelyekben hámlanak. Pikkelysömörös bőr kezelése.

Skipping SPF A lot of people forget that the skin on their scalp should be treated exactly like the skin on the rest of your body: It white scalp on head in the sun and peels easily, aggravating any preexisting dandruff conditions. Apply it after a shower for day-long coverage.

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Ignoring obvious symptoms If your dandruff is persistent, it might be the sign of a bigger problem, like a fungal infection or seborrheic dermatitis a scaly, itchy skin condition. Now read:.

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